Hero Dirt

“Don’t take your bikes out just yet. I don’t like the vibe I’m getting from that guy”, said Jeff. We were parked on top of Empire Grade, a mountain road that runs along the ridgeline spanning Santa Cruz and Big Basin State Park. It’s pitch black, and we’re getting ready hit a 7 mile downhill run. But we don’t like
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New Jersey Trail Exploration with NoLifeLikeThisLife

I have to admit I was pretty stoked that JP agreed to come along on a ride with me. I’ve been following NoLifeLikeThisLife since it started and finding good company during the winter isn’t that easy. I promised closed roads coated in fresh powder, technical single track and all of it just across the Hudson. I pre rode a portion
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Bontrager RXL Waterproof Softshell Glove Review

I moved back to the West Coast to stay away from cold winters and negative vibes. Well life is interesting and I’ve found myself back in NYC for the winter. Winter cycling in New York City is tough. The city is cold and unforgiving. Everyone is fighting for space and keeping warm is a constant battle. I made a promise
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Annadel State Park

Our campground was a nice secluded side near a flowing river, with a hill behind us, and the large meadow in front. I quickly pulled out my camping clothes and started to layer up. Given that I run cold, I knew that it was a race against time to stay warm. The trick was to not let myself get cold
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Alpine and Rockleigh New Jersey Mountain Bike Trails

Alpine and Rockleigh are both Boroughs of Bergen County located in New Jersey just 10 miles North of the George Washington Bridge. They are home to the Alpine Scout Camp, Lamont Reserve and the Rockleigh Woods Sanctuary. Adjacent to the Palisades Interstate Park these woods feature over 4.5 miles of Single Track. Getting to the trail heads from Manhattan is
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Wilder Ranch State Park

ilder Ranch is a coastal preserve just a few miles from downtown Santa Cruz featuring dozens of trails and fire roads that are mostly legal for cycling. During my three months in Santa Cruz I found myself exploring Wilder in the early mornings every day before work. I fell in love with the sunrise, the thick coastal fog, the dew
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River Road : Shore Trail Exploration

Henry Hudson Drive aka River Road is the quintessential cycling destination for residents living within the Five Boros. Cyclists cross the George Washington Bridge with the option of turning left or right. Turning right is for people on TT bikes. Why would you ride a TT bike in the city? Trust me. No one knows. So back to turning left.
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