Oregon Outback : Klamath Falls to Silverlake

I wake up to the sound of Dave’s alarm; my sleepy limbs are draped over the hotel floor and the distant sound of rain slowly fills the room. Dave’s already packing and I know it’s time to get up. We warm up our legs in route to the Mavericks Hotel, the start of the Oregon Outback in Klamath Falls Oregon. We are
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Mount St Helens : Ape Canyon, Plains of Abraham, Smith Creek

Mount St. Helens is an active Stratovolcano located in the Cascade Range just 50 miles northeast of Portland. In 1980 the volcano erupted devastating the region and drastically changing the landscape of the mountain. Fast forward to present day; hikers and bikers have been granted access to it’s beautiful trail system. We’re currently dealing with
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River View Natural Area

Portland Oregon is an amazing city for cycling. It’s been awarded the prestigious Platinum Level Status from the The League of American Cyclists and it’s vast network of commuter routes is incredible. Yet Portland has severely underserved and blatantly ignored  a large community of citizens that love to ride Mountain Bikes. For a long time the River View Natural Area has been home
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