Emma McCrary Trail

On a foggy morning in Santa Cruz California my friend @sasquatchcanyon guided me through the Emma McCrary Trail. The sun still down, headlamps on, pedaling through the darkness as our lights pierced the dense coastal fog. As we passed the trail head we were quickly swallowed by a dense canopy of lush redwood trees. Our
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Rapha Deep Winter Over Shoes Review

The Rapha Deep Winter Overshoes were actually the first Rapha product I’ve ever purchased. I bought them last winter because I was looking for a Overshoe that would enable me to ride all winter long. Last years winter on the East Coast was biblical and the only thing that kept me sane was that I could continue to
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Hero Dirt

“Don’t take your bikes out just yet. I don’t like the vibe I’m getting from that guy”, said Jeff. We were parked on top of Empire Grade, a mountain road that runs along the ridgeline spanning Santa Cruz and Big Basin State Park. It’s pitch black, and we’re getting ready hit a 7 mile downhill
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